Ivany’s Future Surrounded by Mystery

Following her arrest earlier this month, social media personality Ivany has remained in lockup with her total bail amount set at $0.00. However, after releasing recordings to the public of Ivany talking via phone while behind bars, RT Boss followed up by saying Ivany Wright was freed.

Despite many people believing his words initially, his words were debunked by many others. With the fact that most Jamaicans are unable to search and find her details online without a VPN, most have to listen to what fellow influencers have to say on the matter, which many times is inaccurate.


Money has been raised online for lawyers to help her situation. According to reports, Ivany is scheduled to appear in court on May 9. It’s unclear who will gain custody of her baby, Ice. A lot of mystery now surrounds her future and whether or not she will be freed soon.

Ivany’s mugshot

Ivany who is from St. Mary in Jamaica has been in police custody since April 4, 2024, she’s at the Henry County Jail in the United States. The controversial TikTocker was slapped with multiple charges, including making terroristic threats and property damage.

As per reports, Ivany was born in 1998, she gained popularity after being shot several years ago, she was also a hot topic when she was locked up for several months. Next, she’s best known for her comedic ways online, storytelling ability, and controversial endeavours including stealing several Instagram accounts.

She made her way to America a year ago after crossing the border, since then she and her now-baby father Howie have had many dramatic encounters online and offline which led to her incarceration.

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