Ivany’s Mug Shot Surfaces

Following her arrest several days ago, information surfaced online that Ivany Wright was placed at a jail in the state of Georgia. Amid the speculations about her future, her mugshot was released online on Monday, April 8.

In the photo, Ivany had on a green coloured top with a white undershirt, notably she gave a stern facial expression in the now circulating photo.

Ivany Wright mug shot

Ivany Wright was placed at the Henry County Jail following her arrest on 4th of April, 2024.

Her initial bond was set at $0.00, indicating she was not eligible for release on bail.

According to Henry County Jail’s website, Ivany received two charges: one for ‘Terrorist Threats and Acts’ and another for ‘Criminal Damage to Property-2nd Degree Damage Greater Than $500’, with a total bond set at $1,050.00.

After arriving in America a year prior, Ivany was briefly detained at an ICE detention centre before being released.


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