IWaata’s Babymother Exposes Secret Details Of Their Relationship

March 21, 2022

The media have been speculating for months that Dancehall couple Pretty Pretty and IWaata have rekindled their romance and it was confirmed yesterday when she took to her Instagram Live and previewed a song with both of them.

Watch Pretty Pretty below.


However, just a few hours ago, his baby mother posted some interesting details on her Instagram story that have sent social media in a frenzy and have since raised more questions about the relationship the two might have.

@je_nelle___ posted, “Why u don’t sing about Dada being the second child for us not the first? Don’t wake the sleeping lion”.

This post comes as a shock to many as the public is already aware of one child that the two have, but now the baby mother is claiming that there’s a second which has only left persons speculating further.

The questions that are now being raised by social media are if his baby mother is withholding sensitive information that might put an end to his rekindled romance with Pretty Pretty and could there be a second child between the two?

IWaata have yet to respond to the claims, but social media patiently awaits to see how the situation unfolds.


Check out the post by IWaata’s baby mother below:

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