Iyara Praises Bounty Killer But Says He is better on His Own

Iyara was a part of the Alliance camp that was led by Bounty Killer, and his reasons for leaving were not very clear. However, in a recent interview he outlined the great things Bounty Killa did for him. He is grateful for the shows he performed on because Killa called him out, when he was with the Alliance, but he says he likes having his own way, so he does his own thing. But he still likes sharing ideas with management so that things can go in the right direction.

Iyara said, he believes Killa was focusing on himself and he was not giving the other artistes in his camp enough attention. He needed someone to push the career of the other artistes in the camp.

There was a problem when Killa said he booked him on Sumfest and Iyara went to Canada instead. Iyara is now saying he didn’t know anything about Sumfest, he didn’t rehearse, he didn’t have any arrangement to stay anywhere in Montego Bay. When he got a call from Canada and decided to perform there.

He feels like he was hidden in a corner and no one cared about him, and he heard that he was booked for Sumfest when he was in Canada.

He respects Bounty Killa just the same, but he wanted to do more for himself, he wanted to be on the current rhythm. When Killa did an interview and said things that caused the radio dj’s to feel disrespected and this led to a set back in the whole camp. The radio dj’s wouldn’t play their music, but now that he is not a part of the camp anymore, he is doing good.

His new song “Rich and Wealthy” has a clean video with over 360,000 after 2 weeks. He says he now has his own management team and he is doing some great work now and he wants his fans to subscribe to his Vevo.

His management team is focused on getting Iyara out there now. He now has management who organize his interviews and they are finding other ways to promote him.

Bounty Killa is not pleased about the way Iyara left the camp, he referred to Busy Signal and other artistes left the camp and there was no problem.

In 2020 Iyara has a lot of songs and a lot of new ideas that he is working with, he plans to be more popular.

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