JA Government Ban on Styrofoam Products Begins January 1, 2020 Despite Concerns

The Office of the Prime Minister OPM has issued a statement about the ban on Styrofoam products that will take effect on January 1, 2020, as planned.

The statement that was issued by the government: There is a ban on locally manufactured and distributed polystyrene foam products used in the food and beverage industry, will be implemented as planned. This follows the implementation of phase one of the ban on January 1, 2019, on the importation of single-use plastic such as straws.


Policymakers engaged industry stakeholders including JMEA, the Small Business Association of Jamaica, and the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association about the suitable alternatives, the OPM said.

Stakeholders had requested a delay in the second phase of the ban earlier.

Daryl Vaz, the Minister with responsibility for the Environment, reported that the policymakers deliberated on recommended alternatives keenly, they thought about the availability of the suitable alternatives.

An assessment of the current situation has shown that there is an increasing availability of viable alternatives, according to the Government the timely implementation of the second phase will be good for Jamaicans.
The ban seeks to safeguard the environment and the health of the public.

The Minister reported that there have been breaches of the implemented ban on plastic packaging materials, and the state has prosecuted persons. He is encouraging persons to use available alternatives. They are also encouraged to read the order of the ban.

However, the Minister is encouraged by the general Acceptance of the ban. The necessary information is found on (Nepa’s) the National Environment and Planning website 0Even though over 150 workers will be negatively affected by the ban, sources revealed that, Richard Pandohie, the President of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association, JMEA decided to respect the government’s decision.

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