Jabass Addresses Rape Allegations in “Answer To Rvpe” Music Video

February 13, 2023

Nashane Findley, a popular Jamaican YouTube/TikTok social media influencer known mostly by the moniker Jabass, who was accused of sexual assault and rape has released a music video entitled “Answer To Rvpe”.

According to reports, Jabass allegedly raped and assaulted a young woman in September of 2022 and after the incident was reported last year December, the influencer was arrested on January 28, 2023. After his lawyer’s statement was given in court, the 28-year-old upcoming artiste was granted a $600,000 bail under the condition of staying clear of the plaintiff.


Subsequent to his bail hearing on Friday, February 10, the TikToker released a song that appealed to the public and condemned those who are against him.

With what may have been a voice note given the visuals of Jabass holding a phone to his ear while a female voice said, “I never went to the police intentionally,” Answer To Rvpe begins with the influencer seemingly contemplating what he had just heard, and the accusations levelled against him.

He sings, “Mi feel di pain, jah jah beg you fall di rain. Mi would a rather kill a man, mi would a never rape,” indicating that he would rather be labelled as a murderer than a rapist.

Continuing, he stated, “Di lies dem just a deal wid mi head a way…luw mi cuz unnuh don’t know mi, memba a 3 side to story…”

In the video, Jabass can be seen pleading his case while strangers try to bind him with rope and he struggles to get free.

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Watch the music video below:

A little over three minutes long, the video has eclipsed 40 thousand views and 6.5 thousand likes since it was released 24 hours ago to YouTube.

Findley is expected to return to court on Friday, March 3, 2023.



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