Jada Kingdom Accuses Manager of Stealing Her Money

Friday, April 16, 2021, 8:02 PM

Jada Kingdom is upset about management, and she recently posted an Instagram video, letting her fans know how she feels about the situation. In the video, the “Budum” artiste says that she is changing over her now former management and bookings because she found out that her manager was stealing from her.

After all the hard work she expressed that she placed in the creation of her music, she explained to her followers that she was upset because she did not earn anything from her previously released songs.


She also stated that her now the former manager was someone very close to her, and that is what hurts her the most.

According to Jada Kingdom, the manager whose name was not given by her watched her get evicted out of her apartment last year without help. At this point, the young dancehall prowess, says she is not releasing any music until everything is settled.

She also raised a point that her former manager told her that artistes could not get access to their YouTube Vevo account, and that is something that Jada does not agree with since she is an independent artiste, not signed to a label.

“Twinkles” also lamented over the fact that she had to go on the road by herself, and her former manager who is speculated to be Julian Jones-Griffith who managed Mavado in the past, only showed up when it was time for money.

Going forward she says her catalogue of tracks to be released is large however, even if she has to wait out the year before everything settles she will before releasing anything.

Watch the full video below.


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