Jada Kingdom Claps Back At Surgery And ‘Coke’ Rumours

Jada Kingdom has been facing a lot of criticism lately surrounding her new appearance, which has triggered rumours of surgery and some persons have even gone to the lengths of speculating that the young dancehall artiste is taking hard drugs.

Jada Kingdom, also known as Twinkle, decided she has had enough of the rumours and made it very clear she “had time today” to put a stop to everything that was circulating about her. The talk about her having surgery started after the Instagram page SurgeonMade posted her.


SurgeonMade is a popular page for spilling tea on celebrities who have gotten their bodies done. Recently SurgeonMade highlighted Shenseea and Jada Kingdom, who has always declared that her body is 100% natural. While the page acknowledged that Jada had very natural curves in 2019, the page claimed the singer had now gotten her body altered.

Jada Kingdom came out with many old pictures showing how she looked then, compared to now, which she stated is due to weight loss. While going through the pictures Jada pointed out that the only thing she has done was lip fillers. She said that she was living her life to look as different as she felt like looking.

 “Mi supposed to look coke out cause mi have di money fi fucking buy it, mi have di money fi fucking afford it,” she stated during the Livestream and added that if weight loss made her seem like a crackhead then she was definitely doing coke because she intended on losing more weight.

“Mi nyam coke mi shit coke, mi sniff coke mi shit coke, mi vomit coke, mi faht coke, mi piss coke. A just mi dat. Coke right bloodclaat out. Cause if a so-cause mi ago lose more weight so mi nu know weh unnuh ago seh,” she said

She went on to say she was happy with her new look and her partner was also very happy with her look. She addressed talks of her bleaching, telling everyone she looked the same to her but the fact that she is overseas and not in Jamaica’s hot sun anymore, her complexion might seem different to people.

Check out the video below.

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