Jada Kingdom Paid 1500USD For Diss Song’s Intro, According to Derrick Morgan

Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 1:05 PM GMT-5

Jamaican TikToker Derrick Morgan has finally revealed what his much-speculated payment was for his intro on Jada Kingdom’s Accept Dat diss track.

While the clash between Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom may be over, the interest surrounding the details of how it unfolded has not dissipated. One lingering talking point has been the payment Derrick publicly demanded from Jada on social media following the release of her final diss track.


After Derrick’s demands, Jada later confirmed that she had paid the social media personality. While she shared that she had given him “fat piece a food,” she did not provide details.

Amid rumours that he was paid $1 million for the intro, Derrick revealed what he actually got paid during a live stream. According to Derrick, Jada sent him US$1500 for using his voice in her intro, or approximately JM$ 233,060.

The TikToker expressed that he was tired of the speculations, sharing that he was recently approached by a woman who wanted to know what he got paid. Derrick also expressed his confusion over how people could think that he got paid $1 million when local artistes were not getting that much to perform.

Despite his reported actual payment being far less than the rumoured $1 million, viewers criticised Derrick for seemingly not properly utilising the funds. He was further judged for still requesting money on TikTok.

“That cuda rent him somewhere and buy a bed and a lil stove. Derrick too wuthless man fi old man,” one viewer stated.

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