Jada Kingdom Reportedly Dating Skillibeng and Popcaan

Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 8:22 AM

Jada Kingdom took to her live a day ago to make some statements concerning her friend who she recently had a falling out with. Jada Kingdom responded to the girl who is known as Maliboo by sending messages directly from her live to her ex-friend who previously said some very controversial things about the artist.

Jada Kingdom is denying the claims of a relationship Maliboo is stating that she had with the artist for 4 years which ended because she ran off overseas with a man. 


In a live stream video done on Instagram, Maliboo has made claims of Jada Kingdom and her having sexual relations which she began to be dissatisfied with because she claims the artist is promiscuous and having sexual relations with a lot of other entertainers in the dancehall music space.

The ex-friend of the artist in expressing what went down between her and Jada Kingdom on her live also accused the female dancehall artist of drug abuse explaining that the artist is wrecking herself. 

Jada Kingdom in making an effort to prove her innocence told her Instagram that Maliboo was insane and she wants her to stop calling her name because the relationship claims are false and she did not even get a text from Maliboo.

Jada Kingdom on her live bashed Maliboo for bringing up real issues that the artist has in her past been through. Jada Kingdom also mentioned that her ex-friend apologized after her road manager had contacted Maliboo and told her that she shouldn’t have done what she did however Jada Kingdom mentioned that she began to act up again and she thinks that Maliboo is sick. 

Maliboo also mentioned that Jada Kingdom is having sex with dancehall stars Popcaan and Skillibeng “your such a fckin how” states Maliboo.

Jada Kingdom mentioned that Maliboo should not be considering violence as she only wants peace however the artist mentioned that she will be taking legal actions to handle the situation.

The artist is known for the single “Banana” also stated that she is currently waiting for a date to drop her new mixtape.

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