Jada Kingdom Requested to Pay-Up by Another TikToker for Using Her Voice in Song – Watch Video

Thursday, January 25, 2024, 6:27 AM

Jada Kingdom is once again requested to compensate another TikToker for using her content in one of her songs. The TikToker, known as dame_lee_, made this request through a video where she not only sought payment for Jada but also requested compensation from social media personality Swiss Lee.

This follows the recent revelation that Jada had paid US$1500 to TikToker Derrick Morgan for using his content in a diss track targeted at London-based dancehall artiste Stefflon Don.


The trend of requesting payment for material usage in the dancehall industry may be on the rise as artistes frequently incorporate soundbites into their music, adding a distinctive flair to their songs.

When TikToker dame_lee_ spoke about needing compensation for her content, she said, “Swiss Lee mi hear seh you use one a mi content dem when mi seh yow I can not be stopped, am like the devil. Mi determine fi stay…”

She continues, “Yuh cyah help mi out like how Jada Kingdom help out Derrick weh day when she did use Derrick voice inna har chune? Mi really really really really wah some help, please and thanks, mi wudda appreciate the help.”

She continued to stress that she needs financial assistance and went on to highlight the different slangs she had used, pointing out that both Swiss Lee and Jada used her content.

“Jada, mi wah some help. Same like how yuh help out Derrick, please give mi some help pan my ting to cah yuh did tek my ting and run wid it enuh, memba,” she continued.

Watch the video of the TikToker below:

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