Jada Kingdom Says Her First Song vs. Stefflon Don Did Not “Flop” Plus Gives Details as the Saga Continues – Watch Videos

Wednesday, January 10, 2024, 5:58 AM

Jada Kingdom is making it clear that she did not “flop” when she teased the first song that followed on the heels of Stefflon Don’s new single on the Dutty Money Riddim.

The Which Gyal artiste had faced criticism that her song was not powerful in comparison to Stefflon Don’s track, which took shots at her.


Many internet users initially expressed that the UK dancehall artiste won the lyrical clash until Jada dropped a completed track titled London Bed that, according to the vast majority, obliterated Stefflon Don.

Jada has now come to set the record straight about the first track, which she said was merely her way of “testing the waters.” The IDG1F artiste posted a series of videos in her Instagram Stories, which explained that the freestyle, Rich Aunty, was created late last year and was never a diss song for Stefflon Don.

Jada said that after Stefflon Don made it clear that she was dissing her, she had only added an additional part to the song and previewed it. However, when the 16 Shot artist started mocking her about going back to the studio to do a better song, Jada decided to settle things once and for all.

“This freestyle been made…It’s called Rich Aunty, alright. Neva play my card too soon some gyal show dem card too early,” Jada said and subsequently played a little of the song that she said should have been released already, but the “ruckus” affected her release date.

Additionally, Jada posted a photo to prove that the song was created on November 29, 2023.

Watch the videos of Jada talking about her song below:

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