Jada Kingdom Spills Asian Doll’s Secrets

Saturday, April 30, 2022, 7:11 PM

Jada Kingdom is still going at her ex best friend Asian Doll following her smack talk about throwing hands on the dancehall singer, who was standing up for herself and her man.

Jada Kingdom posted a series of Instagram Stories telling the Dallas rapper off, who she claimed always wanted to drag her into uncomfortable situations and got mad when Jada refused to follow her lead.


In the posts Jada made calling Asian Doll a “thot” who was easily seduced by anyone, Jada stated that her “product”, which was “good like gold”, has a high price, unlike Asian’s who she claimed sleeps with any man as they “raise their hand”, eleven of which she knew the names of.

After calling Asian a “homie hopper”, Jada went on to remind Asian Doll that she knew a lot of her secrets and dropped a line from one of Nicki Minaj’s latest songs ‘We Go Up’ featuring FIVIO Foreign, saying “ Yu gotta make up stories but I don’t & that is what really getttsssssssss me!”

In the following post, she added that Asian’s circle was now looking at her “sideways” and talking about her because they, much like Jada, were tired of her “bullshit”.

In her last post, Jada said, “Quavo fucked yu and sent yu off with NADA.” She added Lil Meech had sex with Asian and then “basically disappeared”. Jada concluded by telling Asian to apologise to her before she kept calling names and telling the world who Asian was “fuckin while with von”.
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