Jada Kingdom wants a New Girlfriend, Says she doesn’t want any Ugly Girl at her Boat Party

Sunday, January 24, 2021, 1:25 AM GMT-5

Jada kingdom is once again on the scene about sleeping with women. But this time it’s she who is admitting that “This dutty gyal bruk mi hawt 3 months ago” “I’m ready for a new girlfriend” she said on her Twitter.

Fans share their comments and think that Jada Kingdom is too hype. One fan commented “Jada likkle bit too hype, she a get too much now!!”


Jada planned a boat party but it was what she said that got her fans upset after making a statement that she doesn’t want ”no ugly girl on her boat”.

Jada went live to make it clear what she meant by not wanting any ugly girl on the boat. She is not talking about outside appearance; based on her word she wants people with a clean heart, good hygiene and self confidence.

Jada shared with her fans where she is coming from and how hard it was not believing in herself and being insecure. So that is her definition of ugly low self-esteem and she is clearly stating she does not want that energy around her.

According to Jada it’s her party hence she makes the rules.

Last year Shenseea shared similar views about wanting a girlfriend.

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