Jah Cure Accusations Gets Deeper in Interview by Females

Friday, December 4, 2020, 11:43 AM

The females who were involved in the incident related to the recent video leak with Jahcure got the courage and went on video together to speak to Myturn Radio about the details of what happened at the house with the entertainer.

One of the females said, Jah Cure started the brawl because he asked her friend for “Batty Wash”, which she refused and told him was a gay activity.


The female friend of the woman that was seen in the video, said that the entertainer then pushed her friend in the wall, after which she tried to stop him, only to receive a punch in her belly.

That’s when in the heat of the moment, he told the female he punched that, either her friend has sex with him or they pay him back the money he spent to fly them in, as he stated that she was in the country with him for his music video and not the friend.

Afterward, Jah Cure was said to be very angry, playing loud music and opening and slamming doors.

She said they tried to leave however, they could not, as he kept harassing them.

According to the woman who Jah Cure said he saved from the dancer, the singer was more like a brother to her even after he said he wanted to give her kids in the past when he was drunk.

The female said that she did not expect, the artiste to behave in that manner as he treated her well before, without even asking for sex.

Continuing the story she told Myturn Radio that she and her friend tried to escape the house, however, all doors were locked and Jah Cure had two cousins outside who he said was armed.

The woman said she eventually, found an open door in the game room where she left and got the police, who came and picked up her friend and their luggage.

According to what the police said, this was not the first incident where the singer flew in women and accused them of stealing to get sex from them.

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Even though the police arrived and picked them up, it seems as if it was too late as the female friend of the woman shown in the leaked video, said that Jah Cure had already forced her into sex with him.

The friend told Myturn Radio that, Jah Cure did not even use a condom, and she stated that he continued to ask for “But fetishes”, during the act.

According to the host of Myturn radio, it is a well-known fact that Jah Cure has “But fetishes”, as it is not the first or second time she heard a story like that.

The women also said that they were threatened by the artiste, not to return to Jamaica, as if they do he would find them.

They said even though the matter was not reported, they are happy to be advocates for women who have experienced the same things with the artiste.

They mentioned that since the video was released, other women have been messaging them telling their stories of the same type of actions by the entertainer.

Jah Cure previously was sentenced to 13 years in prison, after he was pointed out by a woman for raping her at gunpoint.

Earlier Cure stated that the incident happened 7 years ago and that he took care of the girls, and showed them, love, as they were the type who loved to be around artistes, and he was extending sympathy to the damaging situation that had occurred with one of the women.

The “longing for” artiste, says that the video release was a little trick by someone who wanted to blackmail, or start a social media warfare.

In closing Jah Cure apologized for the way he spoke to the 2 females.

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