Jah Cure Might Get More Years In Dutch Prison For ‘Attempted Murder Charge’ That Was Acquitted

The Dutch prosecutors in the attempted manslaughter case that resulted in Reggae artiste Jah Cure getting a six-year prison sentence, have decided to proceed with an appeal against the singer’s acquittal from the attempted murder charge that he was also slapped with.

Even though the entertainer made a self-defence plea for the charge it was dismissed by the court but was still cleared of the booking.


The “Longing For” singer was arrested and charged on October 2nd of 2021, for attempted manslaughter and attempted murder after he was alleged to have stabbed promoter Nicardo “Papa” Blake in Dam Square, Amsterdam after the two had a dispute the day before. It is understood that the dispute started over an amount of $5000 for a show he did in Melkweg.

After being detained for several months, the entertainer was finally convicted on March 22, 2022, and based on the argument the prosecution used at a March 8 hearing of the case, Jah Cure’s actions were premeditated since he had intended to hurt Blake by way of stabbing.

The singer whose real name is Siccature Alcock was eventually sentenced for the charge of attempted manslaughter and freed of the one he got for attempted murder.

With a two-week time frame according to Frank Wattimena, the press officer for the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, the prosecution filed an appeal on April 5 for the attempted murder charge to be placed on the table, which could lead to Cure getting more years.

It’s unclear whether or not Jah Cure and his team appealed the six-year prison sentence that was given to him for attempted manslaughter, they have 14 days after March 22 to do so.

More details soon.

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