Jah Cure Threatens Female after Paying For Sex And Not Getting It

Jah cure is in the spotlight once again, after recently being criticized by Foota Hype for not being a real Rastaman.

This time it seems as if the “longing for” singer does not care, either way, as he was caught living a very liberal life to the extent of even casually buying sex.

A recent video was leaked by a woman that involved Jahcure sending some really dangerous threats to damage the female if she did not return the money, the singer said he had given her and another girl for sex.

The video bears the voice of a disappointed Jah Cure, who was letting the woman know he was keenly observing her and the friend, and he knew something was up.

According to the singer, he paid the women USD 600 and did not get any sex.

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He even could be heard cursing the female badly, telling her how she and the friend turned the AC on in his house with the door open, which could lead to a high light bill.

This all pretty much irritated the entertainer, as he felt used not getting the sex he so badly wanted.

Jah Cure was adamant that, if he did not get to sex the female and her friend, he would need the money back immediately, which the woman agreed to do out of fear as she was undergoing very dangerous threats by the singer.

According to Cure, the day before, the females and himself were driving around and he could notice them trying to block him from talking to other ladies, which made him thought that everything was planned against him.

There has been no word from Jah Cure on the matter as yet, however, there is no doubt that the artiste does not stick to any religious guidelines as buying sex is not something usual to grass-root Rastafarians.

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