Jah Cure Threatens Rapper ‘Eazi Money’ with Legal Actions after Leaked Voice Notes

Saturday, February 20, 2021, 7:13 PM

Since recently another controversy has surfaced in the industry concerning, veteran reggae artiste Jah cure who recently got himself in trouble with some girls he flew into the island, however, this time has to do with him not living up to business expectations.

The controversy surfaced due to a verbal agreement that was made in 2016, between Jah Cure and a rapper by the name of Eazi Money, who said he paid the reggae singer to collaborate and have not received anything relating to the song up to this day.


To find a solution to the matter, Eazi appeared on Lava sound’s chat and laugh program, where he played several voice notes with the singer concerning the feature and the money.

The first set of voice notes exposed Jah Cure asking for a part of the money for the song to take care of personal business on his side, however, it could be heard in the audio where the entertainer was getting angry since he had to contact the rapper several times about the funds.

The voice notes went on to the point where Jah Cure finally gets the money and asks Eazi to send the tracks to his WhatsApp, so he could easily deal with the business they had discussed.

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Eazi Money
Eazi Money

According to the rapper, some time went by and his team heard nothing from the entertainer, but when they finally got in contact with him the excuse was that he was currently doing an album for VP Records, who would not allow Eazi Money to release the song for some time.

After letting some time past, the American artiste said that Jah Cure was contacted however, gave the same excuse and It was at that time that his team decided that they would ask the singer back for the money.

Based on the exposed voice notes, the entertainer became angry they were asking for the money and began to let Eazi know that he usually charges 6000-7000 US dollars for a song, and since the rapper had gone to put up his name on the internet about it he takes that as a disrespect, further going on to threaten not to send Eazi back his money.

The rapper had already made the first payment in 2016 for 3000 Us dollars, for which the “longing for” the artiste said he will use three years and pay him back.

Since recently more voice notes have been leaked with the reggae singer posting some violent threats to the American entertainer, letting him know that he would get a “thump in the face” if he was in Jamaica, as well as telling him to “su@k his mother”.

Jah Cure even took things a bit further by letting Eazi Money know that he will be taking legal actions, which will require him to pay more money, and the rapper will need to present the contract with the agreement or else he will not get any money.

Eazi Money also said that he contacted Jah Cure’s Public relations team about the matter, and they blocked him when he told them there was not a contract, however, he is not giving up on the matter since he paid the singer his hard-earned money and did not get what he asked for.

The veteran Reggae artiste is now under the radar as a scammer and will need to clear his name, as the voice notes show clearly where the money was sent, and no song was done.

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RELATED: Jah Cure Accused of Scamming US Rapper… Listen Voicenotes

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