Jah Cure To Spend The Rest of The Year In Amsterdam Jail

Reggae singer Jah Cure, will not be looking at his freedom for the rest of this year and will need to wait 83 more days in an Amsterdam Jail before his next court session.

The reason why the case has made such a move is due to a mandatory process that the artiste whose real name is Siccature Alcock has to go through which involves spending 14 days on detention with 90 days of remand time. Luckily by the time, the entertainer’s trial will be kicked off officially since he is not able to be on Pre-trial arrest for more than 110 days.


Jah Cure was recently placed on extended detention by the Council Chamber Of Amsterdam, and the Jamaica Observer Online was provided with the information on Tuesday by Franklin Wattimena, the Press officer for the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands.

The singer was arrested on October 2nd in Utrecht, Netherlands after he was reported to the Police by Nicardo “Papa” Blake, the leader of the Roots Vibes Promotion group who the entertainer allegedly stabbed during a dispute on October 1st.

The extension of Jah Cure’s detention will find him spending the rest of the year behind bars up until January 2022, when he will face the court once more. As a result of his alleged actions, Jah Cure could be looking at several charges which include attempted murder, aggravated assault and attempted manslaughter.

The last time any information about the well being of the singer was announced was a few weeks ago when Nathan Cowan, his manager for over a year said that the entertainer was doing “Okay” however since the recent extension to his detention there has not been any word from the Cure’s team.

According to Wattimena, as soon as Jah Cure exhausts the pretrial period, persons will be able to follow up the case proceedings which have remained somewhat of a secret since the singer’s arrest due to the privacy laws governing the Netherlands.

Jah Cure is well known for his immaculate contributions to the genre of Reggae, which benefited greatly from some of the singer’s hits such as “Longing For”, “When I Find That Girl”, “Prison Walls” and more which all have been polished with international success.


Regardless of his musical success though many people have resorted to judging the entertainer based on his past 1998 conviction, which saw him being sent to prison after a woman identified him as the man who raped and robbed her at gunpoint.

Despite his past, however, there have been people who have stayed loyal to Jah Cure and it seems more people are supporting him now since it was recently revealed by persons such as Wayne “Lonesome” Brown and other vloggers that “Papa” who the singer allegedly stabbed has a dark side of conning artistes and music lovers.



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