Jahmiel Talks About Overcoming “Obeah”, Spiritual Journey And New Album

Sunday, April 17, 2022, 12:26 PM

Jahmiel, who was once a hard-hitting Rastafarian Dancehall artiste and had transitioned to a strong believer in the Christian faith, recently made an appearance on Onstage TV with host, Winford Willams, where he spoke of overcoming “Obeah”, his spiritual journey and new album.

In the interview, the entertainer spoke of a time in his life when he was fighting to survive, which he stated was due to spiritual battles that were sent his way by persons he trusted. He detailed that it is indeed a fact that someone tried to “obeah” him and that was confirmed when he visited numerous doctors, psychiatrists, gastroenterologists, and even a revivalist church for a diagnosis but all failed.


Jahmiel further shared that during that time, he suffered immensely as his hair started falling out, and was unable to do anything related to music because when he tried to post a photo on, for example, Instagram or even try to record a song, he would start to feel ill.

These trials and tribulations that the “Strongest Soldier” artiste faced at that time, led him to baptism in the Christian faith. However, he stated that while the pastor told him that in doing so he would not be attacked by demons again, it still continued.

He disclosed that he then sought help from a Priest in Bobo Hill, St. Andrew, and for seven days, they went on a spiritual journey in the hills. In this venture, Jahmiel revealed that at one point, he had to eat dirt to help clean out what was placed in his stomach by the “obeah workers”. This he said was done by someone putting something in his food.

Though Jahmiel was baptized in the Christian faith last year, he mentioned to Winford that he appreciates all that the church tried to do for him, however, he was able to overcome what he was going through the works of Jah and Rastafari. This disclosure by the entertainer ultimately means that he is no longer a devoted Christian, but has repositioned his faith to that of Rastafarianism.

The entertainer detailed that his album “Legend” was recently released and features a song that explains his journey, titled “Story of My Life”. It also feature collabs from Masicka, Bugle, and his one-time musical rival, Vershon as well as new sounds and different genres. The album was produced by Sweet Music Production.

Last year, Jahmiel gave his life to the Lord and got baptized by Baptist Minister Reverend Shuttleworth after having a near-death experience from what he described as “spiritual warfare”. Since then, the hard-core Dancehall entertainer has redirected his musical content to record songs of positivity and faith. Some of these include singles such as ‘The World’, ‘Mind Games’, ‘Jah Never Leave’, and ‘Unbroken’ amongst many others in his catalogue.

Watch Jahmiel’s interview on Onstage TV below:

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