Jahmiel Talks Baptism and Christianity

Sunday, July 18, 2021, 2:28 PM

Jahmiel was perceived as a Rastafarian before because of his locks and many roots reggae songs. Now he has come forward to detail his mindset, according to the “PATRIOTZ ⚔️” leader, he believes there is one God with many names, so he doesn’t like division. He is on the Christian path because he believes God revealed things to him and he found himself being a follower of Christ.

At first, he didn’t know the plans God had for him but now he is on the right path, because he found answers in the church. In a recent Onstage TV Interview with Winford Williams, Jahmiel explains that he is now giving God more of his time and strengthening his faith. There are some songs he will be taking out of his catalogue, but he was always singing conscious songs hence there are not a lot of changes to be made.


His new album will be coming out soon, it will be called “Testimony”. Jahmiel was always a conscious artiste, but now he found his truth and he won’t be doing some of the things he did before, like clashing and trying to tear other artistes down. The artiste said he was not strong enough mentally back in the days, but he feels much stronger now because he grew spiritually.

The new album will be out in October and fans can expect to hear all his new vibes. Jahmiel was in Africa recently, the fans knew the words of his songs when he performed before a huge crowd, and he felt very welcomed on the Continent.

He is now going to Tarrant Baptist Church, where he was baptised. He felt like he was touched by God when he interacts with the Pastor and church goers there.

You will hear more Bible inspired songs from him now, such as “Jah Never Leave”.

Watch his interview below.

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