Jahshii And Jahvillani Team Up On New Track Entitled “Badness”

Friday, June 3, 2022, 4:37 PM

Dancehall artistes Jahshii and Jahvillani have teamed up musically to release a track for the gangsters entitled “Badness” which was produced by 3Kings Music Group and DiTruth Records with Topalone3MKG along with Peo3MKG as the composers.

Jahshii is the first to deejay on the track, taking over the first 16 bars for himself and using the section to make it known that his “Badness” cannot be diluted and it makes no sense his enemies try to disrespect his links because that is a suicidal move.


Jahshii also sings the chorus of the song and uses it to make it known that his camp is filled with high ranking killers while his opponents are just men who are in love with likes.

For his verse, Jahvillani utilizes an 8 bar section of the song to add to the “Badness” by letting it known that together with Jahshii they are running the road, and when they are doing so they are leaving no survivors due to the weaponry they are strapped with.

For the remaining 8 bars of the verse, both artistes complete the song by doing a to and fro style that they utilized to show their prowess at creating gangster lyrics.

Listen to the official track for Jahshii and Jahvillani’s “Badness”, below.

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