Jahshii Takes Free Kick During Constant Spring FC Football Match – Watch Video

Cream Of The Crop deejay Jahshii will seemingly be splitting his time between his recent successful career in music and his old passion, football, as the artiste was filmed taking a free kick for Constant Spring FC during a match.

Jahshii, born Mluleki Tafari Clarke, has shared in the past that if he had not pursued a musical career, he would have certainly pursued football. Prior to his rise in dancehall, Jashii played football at the Colts and Pepsi levels at his alma mater, Excelsior High School.

The Born Fighter artiste was recently spotted alongside members of Kingston and St. Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) Super League team Constant Spring FC, wearing the football club’s jersey.

Guesses that Jahshii was making a return to football would appear to be correct, with new footage of the deejay taking a free kick for Constant Spring FC emerging online.

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In the video, wearing number 50, Jahshii can be seen making a left-footed sidekick attempt for a goal that is thwarted by the opposing side’s goalkeeper.

KSAFA announced last year that they would be bringing back their full calendar of events in 2023, including the Super League, so the deejay may very well have more such appearances on the field to come.

Watch the video below.

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