Jahshii’s Mother And Father Speak Out in Defence of Their Son – Watch Video

Following the grave allegations surrounding dancehall artiste Jahshii, his tear-filled mother has broken her silence in defence of her son, whose given name is Mluleki Tafari Clarke. According to the dancehall artiste’s mother, bloggers are the ones to be blamed for the allegations surrounding Jahshii’s name.

“Unnuh blogger a unnuh tek this thing outta proportion enuh a unnuh a bait me up you nuh and a bait up Romie family dem enuh Romie clean out my place the same mop weh clean out Romie place a the same mop clean out my place, Romie ever keep my place clean Romie ano idlers,” Jahshii mother stated in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

The outspoken mother said she and her family are clueless about reasons regarding the death of the alleged don brother ‘Romie’. “Me know me hand clean, and me heart pure me nuh know nuttin bout Romie death and me son nuh know nuttin bout Romie death me caa even get fi come out come do my everyday duty as me used to do sell me soup cau the blogger dem mek me fraid a me community,” the mother revealed.

In closing, the mother asked the question, “Weh uno waa me do run weh from me community weh me born and grow up inna?” as she pleaded with media outlets and bloggers to get off her’s and her son’s name. The mother also stated that the rumours surrounding her is affecting her livelihood negatively.

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Jahsii’s dad Mervin Clark also gave his take on the matter and dispelled the rumours by stating, “The problem is now is like them waa get to the youth, but dem start from the mother, them claim seh the man kick over the mother soup pot spit in her face wet her up with water when their nutting like that.” He also said people are trying to bring down Jahshii’s career with false news despite Jahshii’s effort to uplift the community through charity.

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See the video below:

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