Queen Ifrica Gives Jahshii Advice and Says Both Families Should Say “Sorry” – Watch Video

Outspoken female Reggae singer Queen Ifrica expressed her thoughts on the rumours surrounding Jahshii’s name. “Jahshii oh Jahshii,” she chants before giving the young dancehall star some advice, advice was also given to the family of the deceased.

At the centre of the Lioness On The Rise singer’s message was one of peace and forgiveness. She went on to urge each family to say sorry to each other and prevent more bloodshed because this is what the oppressors want to see.

“To the Don mi nuh know how it guh, mi feel the urge fi all come a Grant’s Pen… Jahshii Family tell the people dem family weh dead family sorry, forgive each other,” Ifrica requested.

Queen Ifrica also outlined that the oppressors want to create order from Chaos, “Dem want the di blood fi start… the time hot extra… Suh take deep breathes.. count to 10,” she stated before concluding that “they” are tampering with our mentality and things will only get “worse”.

Rumours are that Jahshii is either responsible or knows about the Murda of a man called “Romie” from the Grant’s Pen community which took place earlier this month. Jahshii who was listed as wanted for Questioning by the police turned himself over to the police a day after the police announced that he was wanted for questioning with regards to the murder that has left the Grant’s Pen community ‘tense’.

Watch the snippet of her chat below:

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