Macka Diamond Calls Queen Ifrica “Top Freak” and Says She Looks Like a Man – Watch Video

Macka Diamond has joined the verbal battle that Queen Ifrica started a few days ago. She claims that Ifrica’s inclusion of her name in her divisive internet outburst drew her into the drama and prompted her to retaliate.

During her response, the seasoned dancehall entertainer referred to Ifrica as a “top freak” who was physically abused by Tony Rebel.

Kicking off her online rant, Macka Diamond first called Ifrica a “bitch,” while telling her to stop talking about her.

“Di man weh yuh seh a yuh man memba seh a 20 babymother him have…Queen Ifrica why yuh end up wid Tony Rebel? A because yuh a f**k di gal dem and you is him top freak,” she stated. She also said that Ifrica was hungry due to not being booked at any shows apart from the event that Ifrica’s friends hosted.

Continuing, she insinuated that Ifrica was using drama to stay relevant. “My girl you bleach, yuh wear makeup all di while. Yuh nuh righteous…my girl yuh a lesbian more dan we cause a 20 baby mother Tony Rebel have but him choose you cause you look like man cause a you a f**k di gyal dem” Macka Diamond added.

She went on to say, ” You was the bravest one fi f**k di gal dem so him keep u, di freak, top freak.”

Watch the video of Macka Diamond below:

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