Minister Marion Hall Suggests Queen Ifrica Likes Girls and Explains Why in Latest Online Service – Watch Video

During her latest online service with her loyal followers and fans, Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, took some shots at Queen Ifrica and suggested that she may be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

A week ago, after Hall had spoken up about the controversy surrounding her wearing revealing clothing, Queen Ifrica had called out Hall for directing her body enhancement comments at Spice. In turn, Hall fired back by stating that Ifrica should stop pitting female artistes against each other as she never mentioned Spice and that she does not go to bed and wake up thinking about other women.

However, it seems as if Hall still has much to say to the reggae entertainer, and addressed those issues in her sermon.

Hall stated, “How dear you come…and blaspheme against the Holy Spirit/and mi a say a who dah dog yah a bark after like dat? Sometimes I just wah step out fi a day to address the demons dem,” but God holds her back. She also said she would be leaving social media and online sermons behind for her own sanity.

“There is a person in the music industry, one person is very contaminated…that person has caused so much people to be at war in the industry.” Continuing, she said, “Only God is holding me back right now to not contend…I’m gonna leave you all.”

Calling out Ifrica, Hall mentioned, “When I saw you in Europe a par wid a straight man-woman…di two a you have on the same hairstyle…is that the reason yuh trim, unnuh nuh together again…when I saw you, you were explaining yourself to me as If I ask you anything.”

Hall mentioned that the woman Ifrica was with likes other women and Ifrica was travelling with her on tour so she was twofaced for cursing out others like her.

Watch the full video below:

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