Jamaica and The Uk Agrees on Not Deporting People Who Went to the Country Under 12

The British Home Office has agreed with Jamaica not to deport those who came into the country as children, under the age of 12.

Usually, persons who commit crimes in the UK or those who do not have the right to stay in the country, are deported, however, this new agreement between the two countries, have saved a lot of people from deportation on the Home office charter flights

Up to 50 Jamaicans, would have been sent home, however, due to the advocacy of 82 black celebrities that included the likes of Naomi Campbell, and David Olusoga, the agreement has been enforced.

In 2018, prisons and probation ombudsman, Stephen Shaw discussed with the Home Office, the idea of a different approach to deal with the removal of those who have committed crimes in the country.

Those talks are yet to bear fruit, however, the step towards not deporting those persons who went to the Uk under the age of 12, is surely a positive move.

The most recent deportation by the Home Office took place in February.