Jamaica COVID-19 Deaths now at 75

Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 10:06 PM

The Prime minister of Jamaica Hon. Andrew Holness had a breifing on Septemeber 22nd, he began by assuring the public that he only removes his mask while he is talking to the public on a mic, he then went on to give the nation the latest Covid_19 updates.

Bro Gad presented a graph showing how we got to over 5200 Cases.


The graph shows a rapid growth in positive cases, PM Holness explains that this is a new phase he called “community transmission” which was inevitable.

He went on to blame the spike on the numerous events that took place in the month of August where many people were not compliant with the rules outlined.

“Unfortunately since our first case we now have 75 deaths” States Holness, he went on to send condolences to the family members of the people who passed away because of Covid-19 and expresses that “every life is valuable”.

Holness also updated the nation that recovery rates are normal but Jamaica still has 3,688 active cases, these are persons who have been confirmed through testing.

“Don’t be afraid to tell someone you are standing too close to me” Holness also informs the public “it is best that each citizen become situationally aware and makes decisions about how and when and with whom they move” which is a strategy to delay the spread .

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Watch the entire Jamaican Gov’t Digital Press Conference Update – September 22, 2020 below.

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