Jamaica expected to broadcast selected court cases in new Tv Show

May 8, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]In an effort to build awareness among Jamaicans about what happens in the courts when select criminal and civil cases are tried. The Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, Dennis Morrison who is the Court of Appeal Acting President and many parish judges across the island are completing a plan to implement a way of broadcasting court proceedings in Jamaica. 

There are many lawyers who are in agreement with this new way of doing things, as they believe it will cause judges, lawyers, police and other persons who are in charge of justice to be more careful in the way they treat the persons who they intend to take before the judge, as the public will be able to watch the court proceedings from the comfort of their homes, as soon as cameras are allowed in courtrooms across the island.


It is believed that this will cause people to think twice before they get on the wrong side of the law; if they don’t want to appear on television so all the persons who know them will see them being tried and talk about it.

However, the security of witnesses and jurors will need to be thought about, as this extra exposure might be bad for them. It now seems that these new plans will be implemented very soon as Jamaicans had access to courts before, it was possible for persons to visit courts and watch proceedings; but with this new development. Persons won’t need to go to court to watch, they can see it on the television. This has been taking place in other places before; it is only new for Jamaica.


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