Jamaica Experiences Tourism Boom While Recovering From The Covid-19 Pandemic

While the Jamaican dollar is at an all-time low, tourism for the country has been picking up and accomplishing even more than what was forecasted for the Covid-19 pandemic recovery. According to the Director of Tourism, Donovan White, the demand for Jamaican tourism products have been outpacing other markets and have caused an upward surge in the industry’s revision indications.

White gave the information while recently speaking at a press briefing in St. Ann, where he stated that the country has been pushing ahead of projections. The director of tourism explained that the Amadeus global distribution company has reported that Jamaica has been at top of the list where it concerns online searches, travel agent bookings and Airlift recovery.

According to the numbers given by White, Jamaica recorded a 38 per cent increase when compared to 2019 in tourism demand, against the world who registered a 24 per cent increase. Where it concerns Air seat capacity of those flown into the country, the island recorded a 65 per cent increase when compared to 2019, against the world capacity of 44 per cent increase.

Where International air passengers are regarded, Jamaica has recorded a 45 per cent increase when compared to 2019, against the world delivery of 31 per cent. White further mentioned in the press briefing that the first four days of November for the country were very fruitful, as there was an amount of approximately 23,000 visitors. 

It was also observed according to White that the number of travellers coming in per day, increased from 4 and a half thousand in October to now 5 and a half thousand. The tourism director also mentioned that the average day spent by travellers on the island increased from 7.1 days to 8 days.

The average money spent was also said to have increased from an amount of $169 per day for a visitor to $180. This information, according to White, gives a clear indication that the country is well on track to meeting its revised calendar year target.

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