Jamaica Football Federation President Apologises to Cedella Marley

June 11, 2019

Michael Ricketts is being blamed for a scenario that caused Cedella Marley to be left out; she had to be greeting the Jamaican girls Football team after they lost the match against Brazil 3-1, through a fence despite doing so much for them, helped them so they could be in France.

The Reggae Girlz fans were very upset and there was a lot of condemnation directed at the JFF because of the way Miss Marley was left out.


Sources revealed that Ricketts called the situation unfortunate and issued an apology right away to Miss Marley. He also spoke about all that Cedella had done for the team and said he had nothing personal against her, but there was a breakdown in communication between the two parties.

See viral photo below..

However, there are persons who believe that the JFF has not been a fan of the Reggae Girlz even before Miss Marley was snubbed. Mr. Rickets still insists that it was just an unfortunate mishap and he said how much he hailed Miss Marley for all that she has done for the girls.

It is very unfortunate that Ricketts did not know that Miss Marley was there without accreditation, he only knew that the Minister of Sport and all the persons who were connected to the Jamaica Olympic Association got accreditation. But he said he was told that Miss Marley had managed to source accreditation for herself.

Before Ricketts, his Vice-President and his General Secretary departs for the Gold Cup in the USA; they will be in France at the Stade Auguste-Delaune in Reims for the team’s second match against Italy.




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