Jamaica is 37th Happiest Country on Earth

Monday, March 22, 2021, 9:07 AM

Jamaicans are much happier than they were last year, even though the problems created by the pandemic caused some distress. The results that were published by the World’s Happiness Report for 2021 revealed this ranking.

Jamaica has a score of 6,309 according to the report that is supported by the United Nations. Jamaicans are now the happiest people in the Caribbean. This result shows that Jamaica has improved and moved up from a 60 place ranking to 37.


The World’s Happiness Report surveys the state of Worldwide Happiness normally. They examine elements such as social support, healthy life expectancy, GDP per capita, generosity, perceived corruption and freedom to make life choices. 

Croatia is now in the place where Jamaica was last year.

Covid-19 caused the report for this year to be between the relationship with public well-being and the pandemic. Collecting the information from the 149 countries was challenging.

For 4 years Finland has remained the happiest country in the world while Haiti ranks way down on the chart at 143. 

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