Jamaica Places Travel Ban on the Uk

December 21, 2020

Jamaica News, the island has joined a list of 30 countries, who have placed a temporary travel ban on the UK due to a new strain of Covid-19, that is rapidly spreading in the country.

On Monday the Ministry of Health and wellness took immediate actions, by putting into effect the travel ban. The restrictions will last for two weeks up to January 4, 2021.


For flights expected to travel in and out of Jamaica within the next 24 hours, the Ministry stated they will allow them to do so on the condition that passengers get tested and quarantined for 48 hours.

Once the passengers have tested negative, their family members will be able to pick them up after the 48-hour completion however, the Ministry is warning relatives to be careful as symptoms are still able to develop within the home quarantine period of 14 days.

The Ministry stated that 3 flights, are expected to be travelling within the next 24 hours, and passengers of such will be subjected to the required test and quarantine.

The new strain of Coronavirus is said to be resistant to the vaccines and spreads 70 times faster than the first one, so a lot of countries have taken the immediate precaution to ban the UK.

Learn more from the new strain below.



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