Jamaican Artistes in Support of Protestors in Nigeria

October 23, 2020

Dancehall artists came forward against soldiers brutality in Lagos, Nigeria. The artistes used social media platforms to raise awareness regarding the current situation in Africa’s most popular country.

Many people gathered from the African Nation in the streets of Lagos for protesting against the brutality against civilians however tens of civilians have been shot dead and many wounded since the march started.


The protest got attention from dancehall Artistes including Christopher Martin, Jada kingdom, Stylo G, Spragga Benz, and many others. These artists took steps against the lack of attention regarding this important matter as it’s not gaining the attention it needs.

Spragga Benz

He’s sharing the posts related to Nigeria’s current situation on a daily basis but Instagram has blocked several of his submissions and suggested that they are false information. Spragga said; “And Dem block it again.. What Nigeria do Unoo? Weh my people do Unoo? Why I can’t post my support for my people? Where is the lie in the picture that only says ‘pray for Nigeria’? He said that annoyingly.

See his latest post on the matter below.



Jada Kingdom has released her ninth studio album. She posted a picture with a Nigerian Flag and captioned “END SARS NOW” “NIGERIA DESERVE BETTER”.

Many other artistes from Jamaica have since spoken out about the brutal treatment of civilians, spreading awareness about this important matter however unfortunately, Instagram is blocking a lot of their posted content in many cases.

According to one Nigerian footballer who plays for Manchester united, the government “is a shame to the world” as the leaders continue to combat the citizens with brutal forces.

Over 70 Million youths took to the streets in Lagos, Nigeria to protest against the high level of corruption in the country, many Nigerians believe that the government is not fit to govern hence they will take over the country and let the youths steer it in the right direction after many years of dictatorship.



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