Jamaican-Born Man Charged In The US After 4 Dead Bodies Were Found In His Vehicle

Jamaica has once again plunged into a negative light. This follows allegations that a Jamaican-born man living in the US was charged in connection to a human-smuggling ring that left four migrants dead.

Charged is 47-year-old Steve Shand of Deltona Florida.

It is believed that the family which consists of a man, a woman, an infant, and a teenage boy were members of a larger group of Indian migrants who crossed into the States through Canada, the identity of the dead persons has not been ascertained as authorities met in Winnipeg to locate the family members.

Canada’s CTV News states that court documents from Florida dating back to 2018 cited that Shand is a “naturalized citizen originally from Jamaica” who filed for bankruptcy three years ago. The news also reported that Shand was charged after the victims died in the cold, “just meters away from the border on the Canadian side, near the Manitoba town of Emerson”.

Information received is that a van Shand was driving was pulled over by Border Patrol officers on Highway 75 near the Canadian border, the bodies of the four were found inside along with two other undocumented Indians. Five other migrants were also arrested in the vicinity. One of those arrested confessed to having walked for over 11 hours in the cold.


Court documents stated that more Indians may have taken the deadly journey to where Shand’s car was stopped as boot prints were found there once in January and twice in December by US Border Patrol. On both occasions in December “two groups of four” aliens came across the border where they were picked up in a vehicle.

Special Agent John Stanley of Homeland Security revealed that Shand is a suspect in “an investigation into a larger human smuggling operation”.

Steve Shand will appear via video court next Monday in front of a Minnesota judge to answer to the charges laid against him

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