Jamaican Crab Vendor Caught On Camera Wiping Her Butt Inside Cookshop, Vendors Defending Her Actions In Response – Watch Videos

Thursday, October 5, 2023, 7:14 AM GMT-5

A video that has gone viral over the past 24 hours shows a crab/soup vendor responsible for preparing cooked meals locally doing the unthinkable inside an outdoor cookshop. The woman was caught on camera wiping her ass with a piece of tissue before throwing it on the floor where she stood.

Apparently, the video was recorded by another female vendor who also applies her trade at the now controversial spot; the short disturbing, and distasteful video ended when the female vendor caught in the act quickly adjusted her underwear.


On the heels of the video going viral, colleagues of the vendor sympathized with the vendor’s actions, claiming that the woman was ill and it was a natural thing, so they didn’t see the reason for the person to record the video and send it out.

The vendors went as far as to blame the person who recorded the video for the current backlash.

A male who recorded the reactions of the vendors to the now-viral video can be heard saying, “From it’s not intentional or whatever, from a sick the person sick you nuh haffi do that.” Another vendor also concurred and said it (diarrhea) happened to her already, and nobody is perfect.

See the video below:


The group of vendors also confirmed that the woman seen in the video carrying out the shocking act was selling afterwards, as they continued to blame the person who recorded the video and point out she had not sold any food from the morning because everybody was against her.

Based on the responses of all of the people heard in the video, numerous commenters on the video concluded that it was a normal practice of the vendors to be unhygienic. However, the vendors will point to human biological makeup and how it responds to diarrhea.

Watch the reactions below:


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