Police vs Vendors in Spanish Town, Shots Fired – Watch Video

A brawl between members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and vendors erupted in Spanish Town just outside of the Shopping Centre on Burke Road. The altercation reportedly began when vendors were operating their businesses in unauthorized areas and quickly escalated to gunfire.

In a video that captured the incident, a woman is seen tumbling to the ground as she swings at an officer while someone urges her to “fight him.” The woman utters expletives at the policeman before storming off, and the video continues, showing a second dispute unfolding.

Although it is not evident from the video how a second woman came to be on the ground, it is alleged that police shoved her. The situation quickly became chaotic as an enraged male came with a machete, arguing about the officer pushing his mother.

The man lifted the cutlass to swing at the officer, and the woman from the beginning of the video had to restrain him. The JCF member accused of pushing the woman raised his baton, and his colleague joined him while the armed man fought to be freed from the woman’s grip.

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He eventually escaped and went to attack the police officers, prompting one policeman to discharge his handgun twice in the air. The video continued with an uproar from vendors and civilians, and the armed man disappeared into the angry crowd.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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