Policeman left with Broken Leg after Being Hit in Kingston – Watch Video

Thursday, February 9, 2023, 10:46 AM GMT-5

Owen Palmer, a medic and firefighter, posted a video on Twitter showing a police officer lying on the ground, suffering from an apparent broken leg. A few persons in the comment section claimed it was a supposedly hit-and-run after a motorist made what they claimed was a wrong turn.

The firefighter posted the brief video on his Twitter page with the following caption above it.

“Motorist made an illegal turn on Oxford road hit off police off his bike, broken leg.” There were mixed reactions to the video in the comment section, with some concerned about the officer’s health while others are unconcerned.

As the video progresses, it shows several bystanders surrounding the police officer who was still on the ground, the camera then turns to a blue open-back van with a makeshift cardboard bed, which seems as if it was going to be the means of transportation to the hospital for the injured officer.

A handful of members of the JCF bike parol were on the scene trying to help the wounded policeman, who was in some pain based on the officer’s expression.

In fact, it seemed that he did not wish to be lifted and placed in the back of the van because of the pain he was feeling when he move, as you could hear people telling him to tense up and endure the pain.

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However, it was unclear from the video if the other individual involved in the accident was on the scene, but according to the caption in the video, that person seemed to be the one who caused the accident.

Check out the wounded law enforcer in the video below:

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