Jamaican Deportee from the UK Says “I hate Jamaica, with a passion”

Friday, January 8, 2021, 9:24 AM GMT-5

Romeo Reid, says he hates Jamaica because the island is an oppressive state, he was deported from the United Kingdom in 2004, and he believes Jamaicans are suppressed and depressed. 

He strongly believes that living in Jamaica is bad, and the views of the tourists who see the island as a paradise is a facade, when the island is a mess, as there is faulty infrastructure in many places, the streets are littered with garbage and the high levels of crime is hard to deal with.

He said he would sell Jamaica for 1 million because he hates Jamaica with a passion and it is hard for him to change his mind, as posted by stabroeknews.com, Romeo said: “I hate Jamaica, with a passion. It’s so hard for me to change my mind”.

He had tried very hard to find a job when he returned and also tried to be an entertainer who went by the moniker “Turnasaw”, but 2020 was the toughest year for him as he was unsuccessful in expanding his business.

Reid sells boiled eggs every day in downtown Kingston and he believes he would be doing much better if he was able to find a guarantor because he could do a lot more with his business, if he got a loan.

He manages to earn $4000 a day by selling 80 eggs, his expenses made it impossible for him to expand. 

The Westmoreland native believes if he was granted a small business loan, he would purchase more eggs and the extra sales would increase his profits. 

Walking in the sun all day is hard for him to do because of his high blood pressure. He also believes that being a deportee makes it harder for him to find his rhythm and he hasn’t given up on the music business.

Reid has a positive outlook for this year, because some Jamaicans told him that he shouldn’t be selling eggs, he should be performing and this puts a smile on his face.

he also opened up to having suicidal thoughts.

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