Jamaican Farmworkers leave for Canada for the First Time this Year

The Jamaican farmworkers who took employment opportunities under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program in Canada for 2020 have started leaving the island. A total of 228 are scheduled to leave, one batch left on Friday and the other one left today, January 6.

At the Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s Overseas Employment Services Centre in downtown Kingston, the usual Send-Off ceremony was held and they got advice from Shahine Robinson, the Minister of Labour and Social Security.

The workers were urged to maintain a good character, reputation and name at all times.

The orientation that is offered by the ministry helps to inform the workers, so they know what to expect when they get to Canada, but the workers who are not traveling for the first time are asked to assist the new workers.

They were told about the Liaison Service and staff that is there to assist them 24 hours per day and they were told that they would be given the contact information for them.

The Minister also reminded the men about how important it was for them to communicate with their families even though the Family Services Unit is set up at the Ministry to mitigate the challenges that families face when fathers are away.

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