Jamaican Females Setting a Bad Reputation in Bahamas; Known as Sex Workers – Watch Video

Jamaican women have now been placed under a microscope in the Bahamas after apparently numerous Jamaicans were discovered to be selling sex in the country. This revelation was made online while a woman shared her experience of travelling to the island.

It was a situation where many bad apples spoiled the whole tree, resulting in one female having a bad experience when she decided to take her mom on a trip to the Bahamas.

“Mi bring my madda go Bahamas fi har birthday. While going through immigration or customs or whatever you call it, mi realize seh we nav di itinerary,” The woman said during a video.

The female explained that she was unable to get through immigration without her itinerary. While hunting for the itinerary, she started to ponder why it was necessary, prompting her to inquire about why it was needed.

“So we go through, and mi ask the lady seh ‘why yuh nuh wah let we through mam,’ di woman seh to mi seh, ‘mam a bare p**sy di Jamaican dem come ova yah so come sell so di fact dat yah travel pan yuh Jamaican passport even though yuh nuh live deh, we affi mek sure seh we know weh yah go and when yah leff’,” she continued.

The woman expressed her shock and said that she no longer wanted her Jamaican passport, which is now expired.

Watch the video of the woman below:

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