Jamaican Man Scams Elderly US Man And Gets 6 Years In Prison

A Jamaican man was sentenced to 6 years in prison on Friday after he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, earlier this year in February.

The man found guilty of the criminal charges has been identified as Stieve Fernandez who hails from Lucea, Hanover and who was handed down his sentence by US District Judge Kari A Dooley.

Fernandez has been accused of scamming an American man out of Mystic, Connecticut in the States for approximately $1,196,207 USD which he has also been ordered to repay in full as a requirement to his term of sentence.

According to the reports, the guilty man and others have been targeting the victim since the year 2015, by getting the elderly target to be sending out Money orders to him since then.

The Hartford Courant Newspaper referred to Fernandez as a “Callous thief”, for what he had done which made him able to buy a house in Jamaica, and a Vineyard In Argentina.

In his defence, however, the man said that he is a farmer by profession who also has other skills but has been targeted by gangsters by way of extortion, and that was his way of getting money to them since he feared his life being taken knowing that his brother was a victim of gang violence.

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