Jamaican Man Stabs Another Jamaican On Canadian Farm Work Program – Video

August 8, 2021

A series of videos has just surfaced on the internet showing a badly injured Jamaican farm worker in Canada after he was stabbed by another. The videos were uploaded to the account of @tell_u_tv showing the man in a condition that suggested he was near to death, as he was covered in blood from the punctures he received.

In the series of videos, the accused man was also shown being accosted by armed forces, who had to be protecting him from the savagery of jungle justice which the other workers who were present wanted to place on the suspect.


Several men out of the group of angry workers were seen with big stones threatening to harm the accused man however, the Canadian military personnel that were on the scene at the time, defended him while he was being brought into custody.

There is no certainty that the man died, however, what is known is that his injury was very bad as one man could be heard on one of the @tell_u_tv video slides, stating that the attacked individual was stabbed in the area of his lungs.

In the footage shown, it could be seen where the man was taken and placed in a vehicle to be rushed to the hospital as there were no ambulances on site.

At this point, further information concerning the violent altercation and the identity of the individuals involved in the incident has not been released.

The incident took place on a farm.

Watch the viral videos below.




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