Jamaican Mangoes to be exported to America Says Minister Shaw

Permission has been granted to Jamaica for mangoes to be shipped to the USA. The announcement was made by the Minister of Agriculture Audley Shaw recently, when he met with the potential investors, Jamaican importers and exporters. He also said the fruits would be going through an irradiation process to eliminate disease and bacteria, as a food safety measure before they are shipped.

The Minister says there will be a need for Mango orchards , but some exporters used the opportunity to complain about not having enough ackees.

Mr. Shaw seemed to be more interested in finding a way to supply the products that are in great demand at the moment. He mentioned Castor Beans, coconut, sweet corn, and Sea Island Cotton and said there is a possibility that the old Agricultural Marketing Corporation building on Spanish Town Road might be refurbished so that persons who are interested in supplying the Global demand for the products that are needed could use it.

He also mentioned the fact that the Jampro office in New York was reopened, as he wants to triple the amount of things that are being exported to America, in order to ensure sustained economic growth.

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