Jamaican Men Will Cheat and Still Want Women Who Are Faithful

July 16, 2019

No one wants to have a cheating partner, but it has been revealed that men who cheat, will get upset if their partners are caught cheating.

This idea that it is ok for men to cheat but women should remain faithful is fuelled in Jamaica by the culture. The dancehall entertainers have fuelled this inequity between men and women by singing songs like, “man fi have nuff gal and gal ina bungle, gal from Rema, gal from Jungle,” and many other similar songs.


There are men who brag about having 10 Baby mothers, even though they are unable to take care of them and the children and give them the necessary money and attention they need. Something about having many baby mothers does a lot for their egos. The professionals believe the ego will cause a man to be overconfident and expect his woman to remain faithful while he is being unfaithful.

Some persons have said, a woman cannot get away with infidelity as easily as a man can, as she could get pregnant ands she is the one who carries the child for 9 months or less and easily have the responsibility of raising the child on her own.

It was said that men tell lies more often than women do, so they get away with cheating more easily, and those who have a home often see themselves as the head of the household and they are the ones who make the rules and provide for their families. This causes them to go a step further and cheat, as they don’t think they should be accountable to anyone. The female is seen as one of those persons who is on a lower level and she should not have a problem with his cheating.

Why Men Cheat

A Temporary Escape
Some women argue a lot, they don’t stop talking and they also pretend that they are always right and the men in their lives could never be right about anything. Men who find other women who are easier to get along with, will spend more time with them and avoid the same old stressful conversations at home.

A man who knows that his woman cheats, will cheat as well. He doesn’t want other men to look at him as a person who has a soft heart and start feeling sorry for him. In order to avoid criticism, he will try to fix the situation by cheating.


When women are no longer Attractive
Some women stop looking attractive after they get into a stable relationship, but men are still looking for what attracted them in the beginning of the relationship. He wants to be with someone who other men are going after, so he can think he has someone that they can’t get even though, they want her.

Whenever a woman constantly talks about her spouse and his cheating ways and start acting like a detective, some men will say they are already charged as a cheater, so why not live up to the name, and do what they have been accused of doing. Men who cheat and are caught and forgiven, can get annoyed when their spouse won’t let go of the past. They might start cheating again and give up on the relationship as they believe it is impossible to build a strong relationship after the damage was done.



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