Jamaican Military Pilots Represent Jamaica Aboard Apache and CH-47 Helicopters – See Photos

Three Jamaican pilots are shown proudly representing their homeland while overseas in multiple photographs, including scenes of them aboard a Boeing CH-47 Chinook and piloting an Apache helicopter.

The photos of the military pilots surfaced on Monday morning. The first picture shows an Apache helicopter flying with the Jamaica flag displayed inside the window.

The second photograph captures a pilot, dressed in his combat uniform, proudly displaying the flag with a helicopter on the ground behind him.

The third image features two pilots standing aboard a Boeing CH-47 Chinook, holding the flag together.

The final picture shows one of the pilots from the previous photo showcasing the flag with a third pilot as they stand just outside the tandem-rotor aircraft.

The exact location and time when the photos were taken are unknown.

After the photos were shared on Facebook, one individual reacted with a “salute” sticker.

Another person responded, “All we need is an opportunity. And this is the result of what happens when given said opportunity. I love my country and forever grateful.”

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