Jamaican National Footballer Shamar ‘Bowza’ Nicholson Safe In Russia Amidst Ukraine

Jamaican National Footballer Shamar ‘Bowza’ Nicholson is currently in Moscow Russia amidst the tension that has been taking place against the country and their neighbour Ukraine.

Days ago, Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign affairs warned of a full-scale invasion by Russia, which eventually came to pass as many persons in the country were awakened to the sounds of bombs dropping all over their homeland.

Nicholson currently plays for the Russian club Spartak Moscow, and amidst the terrifying situation and all the protests in the country’s capital, Kevin Cowan the agent for the Jamaican footballer has released a report stating that he has spoken with members of the club’s hierarchy who have let him know that ‘Bowza’ is currently safe.

Cowan expressed that the sporting director for Spartak Moscow also let him know as an assurance that everything is under control and that Nicholson’s daily life has not changed because of the tension.

As such Cowan said he was informed that everything is normal even though people are aware of what is taking place. As for the agent, he explained to the Jamaica Star who he linked up with to report on Nicholson that he will be closely monitoring the situation and will be flying out the Jamaican National from Russia in case the tension gets worse.

Cowan has stated though, that he is not worrying about the situation, since he is aware of what is going on and keeping watch so that he does not get surprised if anything should happen.

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