Jamaican Prisoners Protest Over Deplorable Conditions, “We affi a bridge light” – Watch Videos

Sunday, December 31, 2023, 9:27 AM

Videos of discontented Jamaican prisoners are circulating on social media, and in the videos, they express their dissatisfaction with prison life and its harsh conditions.

According to one of the inmates, the prison facilities that they are exposed to are in deplorable condition and if not for the fact that they bridge light (a term used to state that someone sources light illegally) they would be in darkness.


One of the videos shows a group of men sitting at a makeshift domino table and the speaker behind the camera states, “A this a wi rehabilitation, domino…that’s all we play.” He seems to be videoing the scene using a cell phone and he goes on to show the wires that were run to bridge the light.

The inmate called out the government for counteracting Ninjaman’s earlier statement about the issues in the local lockups. The government replied to Ninjaman’s statements, stating that, “things are already being undertaken,” however the disgruntled inmate is pointing out that nothing is being done to change their situation.

Back in November of 2023, Ninjaman outlined that, “It is imperative that the powers that be see them (prisoners) for who they were before they became the people who got involved with crimes or the situations that place them in this system. The men and women who are incarcerated should be given some hope that when they return to society they will have the options, or more than likely, a great number of them will return to the very thing that got them locked up in the first place maybe worst.”

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Watch the video of the prisoners protesting below:

The other video showcases the prisoners protesting for reform inside the prison and holding signs that call for better rehabilitation measures, a seize and desist of inhumane treatment, a raise in pay for wardens/correctional officers, and so on.

One sign held up by a protester went as far as to describe the prison as a “recruitement centre for crime.”

Watch the video below:

The video was posted to Instagram where people had varying remarks about the state of the prison and how it affected the prisoners.

Kimwrld said, “Jamaica prisons are so inhumane it’s not even funny. That’s why this country cannot get any better cause no rehabilitation programs are set in place for these ppl so they come out worse than how they went in.”

On the other hand, badgirl_pooh stated, “Good affi suffer fi di bad some a unu nuh deserve fi si light bcuz unu put families in the dark too when unu do di crime them.”

Read more comments below:

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