Jamaican saves the day aboard American Airline Flight

A Jamaican doctor, Dr. Tanesha Davis was on an American Airlines flight on Thursday morning when an elderly man fainted when the plane was near to Cuba on it’s way to Miami. The Flight Attendant asked passengers if there was a doctor on board and when they found out that there was none, a Jamaican young woman who was wearing a Bob Marley Jumpsuit with the Red Green and Gold stripes, decided to help as she was proficient in first aid and CPR. 

She simply asked for a plastic bag and a scandal bag was handed to her, so she could take charge of the situation that no one else wanted to be a part of. She also got a Blood Pressure cuff and an oxygen tank from the flight attendant.

Tanesha checked the man thoroughly as his wife assisted her and they found out that his blood pressure was low and gave him an Asperin to stabilize it.

The flight attendant took care of her two-year-old child that she had abandoned to take care of the elderly man; while she helped and chatted with the couple after the man was revived.

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